We do not offer any specific programs. Mercury Masters is a very loosely organized group of motivated, energetic women with a common passion for fitness, friendship, and fun. Mercury Masters welcomes women of all levels of fitness, from walkers to runners. It provides the support to help women achieve their personal goals.

Our members usually meet during the weekend races organized by New York Road Runners. Some women race (as you can see from our web site, we have gained various first, second, third place rankings over the years), others run/jog, walk, or cheer.

We do not have regular group runs or workouts due to the many different running or walking pace levels of the team members. The New York area offers a multitude of training methods and classes. We want everyone to have the possibilities to choose what fits best for them. NYRR alone offers a large array of classes. Check out their resources to take your running to the next level.

Consult our “Links” section for additional sources.

Teammates like to arrange runs, walks, etc. with other members usually on weekends, preferably in Central Park. These they announce via group emails.

We meet up and do the races together. As you get to know members, you will make individual arrangements.


We do have one steady Group Run:

Thursdays, between 1:30 PM – about 5:00 PM

Meet inside Engineers’ Gate, near 5th Ave. & E. 90th St.

Join Diana DiMeo and Phyllis Giarro for various runs in Central Park, length to be determined by the group. Pace is usually 10:00 to 12:00 minutes per mile. Afterwards frequently dinner in the neighborhood.

Meet at Engineers’ Gate, near 5th Ave. & E. 90th St. or contact Diana on her cell: 917-975-4704


Susan O’Dell

Because I was running my first Marathon and there were friends and family who couldn't be there, I started to write down what I remembered about the day so that I could share it with them.  It's a little stream of conscious (or unconscious, as I told Louise...) but some of it's pretty funny. What an incredible day and what awesome support and friendship among all the MERMS!

The Marathon – what an amazing day! - I had a wonderful time! From meeting members of my team at 5:30 a.m. to line up for the bus, to waiting in Staten Island, which was a little cold but OK with all the layers - even the loooooong porto-san lines… When we lined up at the start and you looked up at the bridge, there was a sea of people already on it. The Marathon had begun! The Verrazano was actually easier than I thought it would be. And then the crowds and the bands – and I was determined to enjoy it all and not stress about it, which turned out to be pretty easy to do – and Brooklyn just flowed. And what a kick hitting the half mark on the Pulaski Bridge and then coming up on the 59th Street Bridge - I mean there it was!!!! And then coming on to First Avenue, hearing the crowds, I just felt SO strong! I had three sets of people waiting on First Avenue, but didn't connect up with any of them, which was a little disappointing, but hey...

I was feeling really pretty good until about Mile 21, when I became aware that my legs were really hurting! I mean they may have been hurting before then, but I didn't notice. Anyway, just as we came around a corner heading off that last bridge, some guy had a really loud boom box that was playing "Hey Mr. Postman." Well, I just started singing with it. There I am running and singing HEY HEY wait a minute, Mr. Postmaaaan... A couple of other people joined in and we made it thru that mile! Then I walked/ran on Fifth – saw friends Elyse and Joan at about 116th maybe - that gave me a real lift - felt better - then at 91st Street my friend Vera, who was on the other side of the street from the Park jumps the barricade and runs over to me. It was SO GOOD TO SEE HER!!!! A cop tried to stop her, but this broad wasn't having any! Her husband was in stitches but got a good photo of us, I think! She gave me a big hug and ran with me into the Park at 90th. And then I saw my friends Linda & Donna, who had cooked this incredible pasta dinner the night before, on 59th Street and had to stop for a big hug, and then saw Linda Dixon a little farther up – kind of just before going into the Park, I think – and it felt like a big party. I saw that last hill, thought jeez, and then before I knew it I was over the finish line - I didn't even FEEL the hill at all! Then of course was totally freezing on the way to get my bag which was about a mile away, but it was fine! Met Lype thru about 4 cell phones all communicating with each other and Mary Jane Wright’s husband Byron, who was with Lype. Turns out he was right across the street from me!

We headed out to Fiorellos (took almost as long to get there by bus as it did to run the 26 miles!) and met up with 10 amazing and supportive friends (MJ, Byron, Vera, Jim, Linda, Donna, Margie, Lynne, Amy, and MariEileen) for good food, good wine, chocolate mousse, and lots of celebration!