Impressions of Apollo’s Chariot

Susan Siderman


Having seen Debbie Hamm's entire apartment literally glow with sparkles
and glitter as the costumes were being made, I couldn't wait to see Apollo
and the Olympian Gods assemble on New Year's Eve.


My husband Harvey and I waited at 72nd Street and 5th Avenue from

10:15 –10:30pm to see these Gods and Goddesses form a procession as

they entered Central Park and proceeded on their journey to the costume parade.


Debbie's words describe the costumes but I want to say...

“Incredible! Awesome! Spectacular!”.

I hope photos will capture the beauty of the group.


Debbie---I used to refer to you as Betsy Ross. Changed my reference...

it's now Edith Head!!!*


*Edith Head (1903-1981), famous costume designer in Hollywood