Dear Mercury Masters & Friends,


            As Lew and I attempted the enormous packing job, we have had in the past

several weeks, I have had time to reflect on the spectacular party that you all put together

to honor us. Words seem totally inadequate to express the feeling of gratitude we both

have at the enormous effort that everyone put forth that showed so much love and

affection to us both. I think everyone will agree that it was clearly the best party ever. 


            I will cherish all the beautiful gifts you gave us, the magnificent frame with the

inscription in French down to the chicken hats which we can hardly wait to wear in Key

West. Our leaving New York is bittersweet as we embark on a new adventure. We are

looking forward to many things, but in my heart I know I am leaving one of the absolute

best things that have ever happened to me, being a part of the Mercury Masters. I will

continue to stay a Merm, and intend to keep in regular contact by e-mail and phone, but

the daily and weekly presence together that we all enjoy will leave a void in my life.


            I have been overwhelmed by the degree of feeling expressed to me about our

leaving. Be assured that I am honored to be so loved and missed by women who are the

most exciting, intelligent, competent and fun loving group I have ever known. Lew has

said that he knows that it was really “Pat’s group”, but that he could not deny that he

derived as much pleasure from the Merms as I did. I have made friendships that I hope to

have forever and look forward to being back in NYC often.


            You have developed a reputation in the running community in New York City by

your presence, personalities, and your generosity. You are your own best PR. 


            Thank you for all that you have done to send us off in grand style, but most of all

I thank you for the greatest gift of all, the best eight and a half years of my life.  





November 25, 2005