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 Local races conducted by New York Road Runners:



  National and International races:



Club Points Races


To foster healthy competition among New York area clubs, encourage excellence in

running, and help boost NYRR race participation and spectator interest, NYRR and

Club Council designate 11 NYRR scored races per year as Club Points races.


These 11 races vary in distance. Clubs accumulate points based on their finishing places

in these races. At the end of the year, each club's point totals in the 9 best races of the

11-race series (the two lowest scores for each club are automatically dropped)

are added to determine the club's overall ranking for the year.


The club with the most points is the winner, the club with the second-highest number

of points places second, and so on.

At NYRR's annual Club Night, the previous year's top clubs are honored and receive

the "Freddie", a specially engraved award.


Clubs can score points at club points races in several divisions:

men's and women's open (all ages), men's and women's masters (age 40+),

men's and women's veterans (age 50+), and - as of 2005 - men's and women's

super veterans (age 60+, and as of 2016 age 70+).


Mercury Masters holds first place ranking in the women’s veterans

division for 2002, 2003, third place for 2004, and second place in the

women’s super-veterans (age 60+) division for 2005, 2006, 2007,

first place for 2008, third place for 2009, first place for 2010,

second place for 2011 and 2012, third place for 2013, third place

for 2014,  fourth place for 2015, third place for 2016, and

first place (age 70+) for 2016.


2017 Club Points Races (subject to change)

Sun., March 5:     NYRR Washington Heights Salsa, Blues, and Shamrocks 5K

Sun., April 9:        UAE Healthy Kidney 10K

Sat., May 20:       Airbnb Brooklyn Half (NYRR Five-Borough Series)

Sat., June 17:       Queens 10K (NYRR Five-Borough Series)

Sat., Aug. 5:         NYRR Team Championships 5M (double points race)

Sat., Aug. 26:       Percy Sutton Harlem 5K Run

Sun., Sept. 10:     New Balance Fifth Avenue Mile

Sun., Sept. 24:     New Balance Bronx 10-Miler (NYRR Five-Borough Series)

Sun., Oct. 8:         Staten Island Half (NYRR Five-Borough Series)

Sun., Nov. 5:        TCS New York City Marathon

Sat., Dec. 9:          NYRR Ted Corbitt 15K


2017 Standings: Click Download   (and scroll down to our age divisions)



NYRR Five-Borough Series


The 2017 NYRR Five-Borough Series showcases NYRR’s commitment to the individuals

and communities in each borough. More than just five races, the Five-Borough Series

is a celebration of what makes each borough unique, and an amazing place to get out

and get moving.


Race Dates & Distances  (subject to change)


United Airlines NYC Half                Sun., March 19       

Airbnb Brooklyn Half                       Sat., May 20                            

Queens 10K                                       Sat., June 17

New Balance Bronx 10-Miler        Sun., Sept. 24           

Staten Island Half                            Sun., Oct. 8


Eligibility for entry to the 2018 United Airlines NYC Half will be guaranteed for NYRR 

members who have an active membership through 2017, and who run 4 of the following

6 events in 2017 (NYRR Fred Lebow Manhattan Half on Sunday January 22nd, United Airlines

NYC Half, Airbnb Brooklyn Half, Queens 10K, New Balance Bronx 10-Miler, Staten Island Half).


In addition, any of the races will also count toward the 9 + 1 total for

guaranteed entry into the 2018 TCS New York City Marathon.